Increasing Revenue Since 1989
Increasing Revenue Since 1989
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Welcome to CJM Billing Solutions Incorporated. A Trusted Company for Over 30 Years.

CJM Billing Solutions provides over 30 years of Accounts Receivable, Billing and Collection experience now. We Are The Revenue Experts. Make your billing more effective and bring money in faster while retaining customers. Our methods are proven. Use billing and collections process that retains clients and causes them to pay. Increase revenue and invest in your own company today. Successful business owners start here.


Chasing customers down for money is frustrating. Debtors like to play games with your money. We have experienced the complacency of every type of non-paying client and we solve the challenge of debtors with effective Market Billing techniques. We deliver proven methods that create a sense of urgency and leads to payment. You can stop playing their game and you can set customer expectation. These Market Billing techniques, instill a customer service approach that causes non-payers to pay all while retaining your clients. Make customers happy to pay with and provide billing and collection methods that keep the difficult ones from dragging their feet. We are here for you and your success. This is guaranteed to boost your cash-flow. Change the bad habits of deadbeats and increase your profits.


These powerful techniques will define the future of your business. Difficult customers are an ongoing challenge and that's why you need a strategy that works. The power of Market Billing is extremely effective. It will reprogram debtors and they won't even know it's happening. 


Many businesses want this help. But only the best ones act and get the enormous push that CJM can give  to your accounts receivable process. It's time to improve profits, improve stragegies, improve your process with methods that are easy to implement.


So where do you start and who can you trust?  CJM Billing Solutions. A company you can trust and a name that is exceptional. Call us today! (845) 496-0772

CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. is a family owned business with a proven history of helping companies like yours. Since 1989, we have enjoyed the unique ability to increase revenue, create effective billing procedures, and focus on client retention. We know how to respond to difficult clients in a way that produces financial gain. Change your accounts receivable process for good. Call CJM Billing Solution, Inc. to get the answers you need to enjoy greater revenue. We are Accounts Receivable Consultants and Billing Experts. (845) 496-0772.

What to Expect from CJM Billing Solutions, Inc.           

  • Effectively Deal with Non-paying Clients
  • Implement Market Billing
  • High Performance Recurring Billing Cycle Management
  • Reduce Past Due Accounts at Every Level
  • Incorporate Proven Billing Methods to Guarantee Faster Payments
  • Increase Revenue and Keep More Clients
  • We Come to You
  • Improve your Billing and Collections Process 
  • Improve Your Accounts Receivable Office Operation
  • Better-Faster-Easier
  • Guaranteed!

The main reason companies struggle with past due accounts is their process. If you want a thriving business, money has to come in quickly and continually. There are ways to do this that keeps past due accounts low and keep revenue flowing. Nothing impedes cash flow more than a billing process that customers ignore. Let’s face it, the problem of non-paying clients is systemic and frustrates employees as well as business owners. It can cause anxiety and stress. The idea that you can do better is predicated on you admitting that you need help Not just any help but experts with years’ of experience in the field of Accounts Receivable and Revenue Cycle Management. 


Step 1: Admit to yourself that you need help

Step 2: Decide to get take the steps now that will directly affects your income 

It's that simple!

CJM Billing Solutions, Inc.  We are billing and collections experts and have been dealing with non-paying clients since 1989. We have seen first-hand how a great billing process retains more clients and gets the money through the door. You are in business to succeed so stop allowing people to take advantage of you. Pursue all accounts receivable with proven strategies and tact.

Do it today and do it now! Make the decision. Why would any company continue to be frustrated when we guarantee a great accounts receivable process that reduces past due accounts and offers superior customer service? Stop dreaming of fixing the problem and fix it. Contact CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. (845)496-0772.

Our president Christopher Mangan, is the author of the Top 10 Billing Secrets. 

If you want a great billing process that trains your clients to pay and reduces past due accounts, then you've come to the right place. Chasing customers for money is a hassle. We are professional billing and payment analysts who have been dealing with non-paying customers since 1989. Our exclusive "3-Step Method" gives difficult clients the desire to pay. It's fast and easy. Use our experience and proven methods to effectively increase revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing past due account and the stress associated with debtors. Effectively change the behaviors of non-paying clients.


Start today! Email us at or call us at (845) 496-0772.


Some clients think it's alright to string you along for payments, but they're wrong. Professional debtors like to fight and play games. Let’s deal with them swiftly and professionally. Let’s train them to pay "on time" and change their poor payment habits. It’s time to be deliberate and effective at stopping customers from taking advantage. The only way to do that is to make proven changes within your organization. You must start somewhere and CJM Billing Solutions is ready to help. We are the billing, payment, and collections experts! Experience the best payment related process available.


The fact remains that non-paying clients cause businesses to lose millions of dollars each year. Some customers avoid paying you and drive away in their high-end automobile. The only one who can change that is you. Here's a great opportunity to do something about it.    


Learn how to sell your clients on paying. Our primary focus is to equip your business with these proven methods so you can get paid on-time and in-full. We are not a collection agency but the industry leader in accounts receivable management solutions. Are you tired of chasing people for money? We guarantee our techniques will increase your revenue, improve performance and provide the best billing process for the highest return.


CJM will come to you with proven methods that train your non-paying clients and problem customers. Make immediate changes so you can get on with your business and stop chasing people for cash. 


We have helped numerous businesses overcome payment and billing problems created by challenging clients and now it's your turn. In addition, we bring senior management and employees together to bridge the disconnect that is common to virtually every company.


As a business owner, I know how to stop customers who string you along for payment. These clients need to be trained because chasing people for money can be exhausting and expensive. It's a hassle that needs to be corrected immediately.


The ability of a great billing consultant is to provide techniques that bring money in faster and ease your billing process. Get paid and don't let customers keep taking advantage of you Make your billing process work and improve your business permanently 


Our on-site collection methods have earned hundreds of millions of dollars for some of the greatest companies in America. We work with small businesses and fortune 500 companies.


Bring your customer into a habit of payment with proven techniques and break the cycle of non-paying clients completely.


Don't have time to hire a consultant? We have written and easy to follow billing guide to greater revenue. Click on Top 10 Billing Secrets to find out more.


The way you present your operation from the first meeting and throughout the business relationship-which includes billing and collecting payments-greatly determines your rate of success.


Our billing consultants implement billing and collection methods based on studies that prove to overcome payment problems and help businesses experience greater cash flow.


While there is no “one size fits all” approach to this process, there are many fundamental laws that remain unchanged. For example, the longer an account remains unpaid the less chance you have of getting paid. Percentage of collectability decreases 30 days past due and decreases even more at 60 and 90 days and so on. There are also laws that cause customers to pay. The techniques you use to pursue your money and communicate that payment is “due now” are vital. This is the 21st century and you need 21st century methods to get paid. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about losing clients when your approach is respectable but persistent. Good customers will respect great billing and difficult customers cannot escape the urge to pay.


Too many business owners wait far too long to do get professional help and miss out on a great opportunity to really solve their challenges. Many business owners cannot seem to get out of their own way and become stifled and complacent. Don’t keep guessing why people don’t pay, look internally and find the reason. This dilemma is so common that thousands and tens of millions of dollars are lost each year. 


As I mentioned in my publication “Top 10 Billing Secrets”, over 25 billion dollars gets referred to collection agencies every year and more gets written off as bad debt. How much of that money was yours? Why do so many business owners refuse to endeavor on upgrading? It’s business as usual.   


If you’re one of the few who is going to make the decision to get help and improve, you’re on the right track. You want greater success. You want changes with real results and tangible progress and that’s exactly what CJM Billing Solutions does.


Some of the best companies fall short when it comes to the final step which is Billing and Collections. Why? Because it’s a hassle. And let’s face it, if you’re not the right person for this part of the job, you will suffer. That’s why you need proven methods. Nothing compares to the experience of watching companies excel using our proven methods. 



We aggressively focus in the area that directly affects revenue and cash-flow and that's why business owners who consult with us experience vast changes and significant improvement. We work with companies who absolutely loath their billing and give them the tools that make collections easier.


As we say, “Getting paid is the last part of your business that must come first!“ Billing and Collections is the number one area where we see room for improvement in virtually every company. Focus on this part of your business experience great change. Get paid “in full” and “on time”.


Call or email us today! (845)496-0772.


Reduce the need for collection agencies for 3rd party billing.


It takes a special kind of person to run a business but it takes experience to bring the money in and maximize the billing process. 


Not everyone is cut out to collect money and deal with the confrontation and emotions of some clients. Make your accounts receivable process more enjoyable and more efficient.


Are you overly cautious when money is owed for fear of losing future jobs and income? We deal with clients like that as well. Many businesses experience this same phenomenon. 


The biggest obstacle to your success may be you. Too many business owners wait to get professional help and continue to lose money for years.  Get paid “in full” and “on time”. Call or email us today! (845)496-0772.


Most companies know something is not working, but they fail to find the problem. They fail to take action and lose valuable revenue continually. Your business is too important and your time is too valuable.

Seven out of ten companies lose an average of 14% of their annual revenue and they do nothing to stop the loss. Many are unaware of the revenue loss. Billing hassles and chasing payments along with poor business habits and subpar collection methods cause your administrative costs to increase. These losses go unchecked for years and they stifle business growth. Greater success and enormous opportunities exist for maximum profits but few reach for the prize.

We strategically focus on your process and make adjustments to increase your profitability. As referenced in the publication the 
Top 10 Billing Secretsover $25 billion gets referred to collection agencies each year while even more is lost in write offs and/or uncollectable accounts. This new economy demands greater knowledge of the billing process and dictates who gets paid first.

Better Business Plans for Better Business


Not just any billing consultants...CJM Billing Consultants!



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