Increasing Revenue Since 1989
Increasing Revenue Since 1989
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Christopher Mangan Christopher J. Mangan

Christopher Mangan is the President of CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. He has earned the reputation of being the industry leader in accounts receivable process analysis. His ability to analyze the billing and collections process and provide proven methods that reduce past due accounts has resulted in greater revenue for hundreds of businesses. In addition to collecting millions of dollars on some of the most difficult accounts, he has been directly involved in accounts receivable senior management as a revenue and billing process analyst. He is a public speaker and has given business presentations for organizations such as NYSOBBA (New York State Organization for Bursars and Business Administrators) He has built collection agencies from the ground up and has implemented highly effective business procedures for multi-million dollar companies as well as small businesses. The proven methods he uses are directly related to revenue and cash flow. As a leading consultant, Christopher has had the opportunity to train employees and business owners to be effective when seeking timely payments and keeping clients happy. CJM is a premiere consulting firm ready to tackle even the most difficult non-paying clients. Christopher is the author of The Top 10 Billing Secrets a comprehensive guide to greater revenue. 

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